Garage Door Spring Repair Pasadena
Garage Door Spring repair

Garage Door Spring Replacement & Cable Repair - Torsion, Extension Springs.

Garage door spring repair is a specialty sector of general garage door repair Pasadena which technicians have training to repair and replace garage door springs. Your standard torsion springs come in twos and installation is at the same time. These springs are responsible for supporting the weight of your garage door, while the opener facilitates its movement. If you own property in Pasadena and you have some damage to your torsion springs, get help quickly and don’t invite the risk of theft. So, call our garage door spring repair Pasadena company today. Then, our experts will get the job done with expert care.

Is Garage Door Spring Repair Dangerous?

Garage door spring repair is incredibly dangerous.  Your springs operate under strong pressure. If you are not a professional, you don’t know how to safely handle these tricky components. Our garage door spring repair Pasadena experts have heard stories that travel around the industry where homeowners attempt what they think is a simple DIY project, but when they go to perform a task with the springs, they fail to secure the “danger zones” and parts go flying over 100 MPH in all directions. When this happens you can put a hole right through your garage wall. People have also lost an eye, finger, limbs, and even deaths have occurred. Our garage door repair Pasadena pros have training and certification to work on all types of garage doors and their springs, and we have a 100 percent safety record!Garage Door Spring Repair

24-Hour Garage Spring Repair Pasadena Services

When you get home late at night from a concert at the Rose Bowl only to discover your garage door is stuck half way open, you can’t just ignore the problem until tomorrow. This will leave your property vulnerable to intruders. We are on call 24/7, 365 days a year—even on holidays. The garage door spring is the number one cause for most broken garage doors. Therefore, if yours becomes stuck, this may be why. Customers love our garage door spring repair Pasadena team because we:

  • Offer the lowest prices on all services in Pasadena.
  • Techs have certification and license.
  • Send true professionals in uniform that have had background checks and drug tests.
  • Come with all the tools and parts needed for the job. 
  • Respond within 30-60 minutes of your call.

We love Pasadena and the families, individuals and businesses that thrive here. Call our garage door spring doctors today. 

How Do Garage Door Springs Work?

Garage door springs work in a way that relies on a number of other parts. Have you ever noticed a shaft above the garage door? Your springs are secure to it, and depending on the setup, the shaft may even pass through the springs, or it might even house them. These springs balance your garage door by sending torque to a shaft that has drums at each end. From your drums there is a cable that runs to the bottom of the door where you'll see attachment. As the door opens and closes the springs wind and unwind thus orchestrating your balance system.

There are three primary characteristics that deem the lifespan (cycle life) and lift. These include inside diameter, length, and wire size. Our garage door spring repair Pasadena experts will first determine if its wrong springs. Either way, we leave you with a fully functional garage door with pristine springs that will last for another 10,000 cycles before they need replacement!

Call our gate repair & garage door spring repair Pasadena professionals, and let us perform this risky job with expert care at a price you will do cartwheels over! So, contact our experts today!